At Space Exploration Ltd we are tackling the challenges which have slowed down mass adoption of free space laser communications challenges related to availability, interoperability mobility and cost.
The future is brilliant for communications!
We have built a suite of optical ground stations  to provide the necessary downlink and uplink for  satellite providers.   In fact our optical ground stations OGS have the capacity to provide deep space communications taking in intersatellite communications at the Moon.
We not only have coverage for Cis Lunar, but MEO, GEO and constellation of LEO satellites.   Our technologies can even provide laser communications with aircraft and drones.
An important feature of our technologies is quantum key distribution which addresses any cybersecurity attack for customers, like government, defence, banking, etc.
We have built OGS deployable laser communication systems in Europe.   Customers can be confident that costs can be significantly reduced by leasing, maintenance and upgrades. In particular, our many years’ experience in remote access and networking capabilities for unmanned systems.
Our OGS laser communications linked to optical satellite terminals are specifically designed with interoperability and multi-mission capability in mind.
Our OGS have been optimised as a turn key system that have unique features to significantly address the atmospheric generation of turbulence and provide a near noiseless data streams for long distance communications to the Moon and beyond.
We are continuingly optimising OGS terminal with disruptive technologies, improving manufacturability and significantly lowering cost to make free space laser communications available and affordable