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Space Exploration specializes in R&D of electro-optical systems and related technologies. Space Exploration Ltd has develop world-class R&D capabilities and facilities, with a focus on electro optical systems and related technologies. Space Exploration Ltd. was established in 2000 to carry out research and development of new electro optical systems for Security, Defense, Astronomy and Space Research. It has substantial R&D and IP in areas including sensor technology, thin film coating, filters, specialized lenses and long range optical system design.   With the onset of the latest breakthroughs in high-speed communications and laser quantum data links, we are moving into the realm of combined technologies to give our patrons better than real time data transfers.

Current Products Fielded

  • Sensors Gamma rays to Far Infrared
  • Polarimetry, both electro-optical digital and analog 
  • Applications in long range surveillance systems involving digital and analog optical sensing with AI
  • Astronomy instrumentation and spectroscopy, 
  • Defense instrumentation and sensing systems
  • Medical/Optometry instrumentation

Guardian Pro

Guardian Pro is an initiative that developed from Space Exploration Ltd. The Guardian Pro is a prototype of a surveillance video camera that enables users to detect, recognize, and identify security threats during the day or in complete darkness. The camera’s potential to capture colour information at short distances in near darkness. The ultimate aim of detecting targets up to 2km in colour at night surpasses existing infrared technology type systems currently in use, providing of higher resolution and the invaluable addition of colour images at night for long distance targets. The presence of colour gives operators more actionable intelligence, aiding in identification by providing crucial observational detail not otherwise visible.


Original location in County Roscommon Ireland.  New facilities are planned that will involve a hub for space related entities to hive together in what will be the center of the Irish space technology universe.  More to be announced in 2023.


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Space Exploration Ltd.
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