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Space Exploration specializes in R&D of electro-optical systems and related technologies. Space Exploration Ltd has develop world-class R&D capabilities and facilities, with a focus on electro optical systems and related technologies. Space Exploration Ltd. was established in 2000 to carry out research and development of new electro optical systems for Security, Defense, Astronomy and Space Research. It has substantial R&D and IP in areas including sensor technology, thin film coating, filters, specialized lenses and long range optical system design.   With the onset of the latest breakthroughs in high-speed communications and laser quantum data links, we are moving into the realm of combined technologies to give our patrons better than real time data transfers.

Our Mission

Space Exploration Ltd  has evolved into a communication company using free space lasers to move large volumes of data quickly and securely between space, air and ground.

Our technology adds capacity and resilience to communications networks and plays a critical role in enabling ubiquitous connectivity.   Today data access and available connectivity are critical to the way that we live our lives
It enhances national security and monitor our world all with the help of data from satellites and current connectivity infrastructure. Unfortunately our current network infrastructure is insecure, insufficient and vulnerable.
Three billion people are unconnected, many more are under connected and our physical infrastructure is at risk from climate disasters and bad actors.
Valuable data is frequently stranded at the edges of our networks due to lack of infrastructure, problems with bandwidth availability or limitations in satellite connectivity.   Connecting satellites in space with terrestrial networks is particularly challenging due to issues related to radio frequency data transmission issues like access to spectrum interference and current hacking and jamming by adversaries and criminal organisations.
Free space laser communication or lasercom can help solve many of our current connectivity challenges. Lasercom offers ultra-fast speeds without the need for radio spectrum it offers greater security and has low probability of intercept or detection.


Original location in County Roscommon Ireland.  New facilities are planned that will involve a hub for space related entities to hive together in what will be the center of the Irish space technology universe.  More to be announced in 2023.


We look forward to hearing from you.

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Space Exploration Ltd.
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