Space assets

The OGS turn key system can communicate with multiple in-orbit space assets using optical communications.   In terms of in-atmosphere tracking and communications, the solution can also be used for applications such as drone/UAV tracking and guidance and aircraft tracking and telecommunications. This is fundamentally a space-oriented product with the following benefits,

  • Improvement in the OGS supply chain for 1m class optical instruments
  • Lower price instruments
  • Faster manufacturing times
  • Applications in laser communications/ Quantum Key Distribution/In orbit device management

The laser transceivers within the OGS turn key system can digitally modulate the incident laser beam using single or multi carrier techniques (ASK/FSK/PSK/QAM/OFDM), the telescope can be used to track in-orbit and in-atmosphere vehicles (satellites, aircraft, drones, HAPs) and communicate with them in UPLINK and DOWNLINK mode. The benefit of such an optical approach means that the viewing angle required to detect and transmit/receive to/from the remote vehicles is much wider than the conventional RF small aperture techniques.

Space Situation Awareness

Our larger telescopes are also specially designed to track debris down to 2cm in order to avoid creating new fragments during collisions and to protect the orbital environment as a whole.
This yields processes and leverages space situational awareness data to protect critical assets in space.