OGS turn key system

The company will disrupt the current telescope instrument manufacturing industry by accelerating the manufacturing process using proprietary technologies. SEL have the expertise of optical telescopes and enclosures, optical designs, transceivers, adaptive optics and beam profiling. SEL product management has validated its advanced manufacturing process.


We have implement a new SOTA manufacturing process of 1m class telescopes and integrated pointing systems. This plan matches current and future development needs in Gigabit laser telecommunications using optical transceiver ground stations.


Our product is based on disruptive technologies that accelerates the manufacture of 1m class telescope systems, including their associated pointing systems. The product offer includes the integration of proprietary transceiver devices, but the OGS design accommodates a variety of existing transceivers for optical telecommunications applications. The acceleration of the manufacturing process of the telescopes and the rapid development of the associated optical systems is the key goal for the demand from our customers.


We have designed and developed the first iteration OGS and the manufacturing processes required to develop telescopes in the 600mm, 800mm, 1000mm, and 1200mm ranges, which are designed with beam profiling and optical transceivers.   Our aim is centred on manufacturing telescopes, enclosures, optical transceivers that make up the combined turnkey solution using composites for most of the structure.   The accelerated manufacturing process factors proprietary technology which is one of the key cost and manufacturing turn-around delays of current solutions.