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Headquarters in County Roscommon, IrelandSpace Exploration Ltd has been actively building technology since 2018 and has invested millions of euros into technology progression.  
We have assembled a talented team of engineers,  all committed to a shared vision of a more connected future as we envision a world where free space laser com technologies are as widely available as radio technologies where the two communication systems work together to enable truly ubiquitous connectivity our technology enables this exciting future.
In the near term our technology will help satellite operators bring down 100 times more data it will help data centres connect directly to spacecraft and satellites and it will help maintain vital connectivity.
In the longer term our technology will integrate into the global and orbital communications mesh which will underpin next generation networks.
We believe in a future where networks can manage the data demands of 6g and beyond, wherever we are where networks are resilient capable of rapidly scaling to meet demand and able to react to the unexpected where our data is secure regardless of quantum or other threats, fibre optic cables and radios have taken us a long way but we can build better faster stronger and broader networks,  with the help from lasercom.
If you are implementing satellite communications infrastructure and need higher data rates and greater security, you can contact us to be part of the communications future.   We are building Optical Ground Stations OGS deployable globally for laser communications technologies to support humanities current and future

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