Space Exploration Ltd has developed world-class R&D capabilities and facilities, with a focus on electro optical systems and related technologies.   Originally Space Exploration Ltd. was established in 2000 to carry out research and development of new electro optical systems for Security, Defence, Astronomy and Space Research. It has substantial R&D and IP in areas including sensor technology, thin film coating, filters, specialized lenses and long range optical system design.

Space Exploration Ltd. is a one stop shop for the solution in the field of optical-electronics. We have assembled the team of all the relevant fields to take any niche requirement and move from inception to realization. It is our experience in program management that has made us a leader in the realm of custom telescope design, long range optical tracking and AI integration. There is no equal within our market for innovation and "out of the box" development.  

The Early Motivator for SEL was the emerging and ever increasing demand for bandwidth.

RF Spectrum allocations are increasingly competitive irrespective of major advances in modulation schemes. High density links serving terrestrial backhaul and satellite coverage are reaching RF technology limitations. This is now the time to incorporate OGS into global and space based communications networks.   In addition the need for link security is met by OGS Quantum Key Distribution or QKD solution.

With the onset of the latest breakthroughs in high-speed communications and laser quantum data links, we have moved into the realm of combined technologies to give our patrons better than real time data transfers.

SEL is currently developing a worldwide (OGS) telescope network based on its in-house designs. SEL developed its first OGS on its own mountain site in southern Spain. SEL activities integrate the entire value chain of space communications and surveillance.